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Your purchase from Unscarred Clothing goes to help cover the cost of medical treatment for injured, uninsured MMA fighters, including injuries or issues sustained in the rest of everyday life. 

Mixed martial arts fighters put their heath at risk every day, be it in the ring or daily training.

In the professional world of MMA, the athletes enjoy the security of health insurance. In the world of up and coming amateurs however, health insurance may be out of reach for many fighters.

Unfortunately, the very people who need health insurance the most may not be able to afford it.

 The typical uninsured MMA fighter is young, just starting out, and is also spending hours at the gym training, all while working whatever their 9-to-5 gig is just to pay the bills.  While an amateur athlete is training to pursue their dream, they are always one slip, one bad day away from an injury that may not only hamper their future career, but may keep them sidelined from whatever occupation they may currently have to support themselves and their families.

Unscarred Clothing, based in Las Vegas NV, has a close relationship with many of the combat sports teams and facilities located in the city and was set up to help cover some of the medical costs for the fighters.